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Ours is a theater of the heart, where performance is the process, not the goal. We offer mime pieces and skits regarding mental health issues, addiction and severe depression. Some of the work is interactive during which audience members can choose to become actors and decide best outcomes for situations being enacted. We also offer a play, ‘The Wizard of Iz’, which addresses suicide prevention and bullying solutions.

Community Performances

The Wizard of Iz Preview

Here is a preview of our theatrical performance about suicide and bullying. The full version can be viewed below.

The Wizard of Iz

Imagine there is a sister city to ‘Oz’, where the desperate go. This play addresses the common experience of those struggling with suicidal ideation and behavior; that they have no choice but to end it all. It is a poignant and celebratory story of one woman’s journey deep into her fear and hopelessness as a result of childhood bullying. In the Land of Iz she has the opportunity to hear testimony from her feelings and to make peace with them. The ultimate message of the presentation is to appreciate each moment…what is!

The audio on this recording is difficult to make out in some parts so we recommend following along with the closed captions. To activate closed captioning: If you're watching on a computer, start the video by clicking the play icon, then hover over the video again to bring up the bottom control bar and click on the CC button to read along. If you're on a mobile device, tap the video to bring up the bottom control bar and then tap the CC button.

Mime Skits

Too Much Thinking

Enjoy a laughable look at combining the heart and the mind into one organ.

Suicide Denied

Suicide Denied is a mime skit in which the main character becomes aware of the seriousness of suicide and reaches out to support those suffering. It is and optimistic journey into the heart of self-love.

The Addict

This mime skit follows the evolution of and addict from 5 years old, trying Daddy’s beer, to desperate use of hard core drugs in old age. Surrender and prayer become the answer in this emotionally moving piece.

Living On the See-Saw

This piece is a blend of mime and verbal theater that portrays the difficult up and down dance of bipolar disorder. We witness symptoms such as promiscuity, addiction and suicidal tendencies pushing the protagonist closer to hitting bottom until there is no way out but up.

Global Unity

Global Unity is a mime piece that follows the journey of soul, who is intuitively guided to reach out to people who are in need. In lending a hand to those less fortunate, she ultimately finds self-love.

The Drug Pusher

Drug pushing and over-confidence create the perfect recipe for disaster that keeps our main character landing in jail. This is performed to a powerful hip hop song that captures addiction and material wealth in spite of the danger of incarceration.

Embracing OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This one-woman mime piece is a poignant examination of various types of OCD. It portrays obsessive washing, checking, cleaning, hair pulling and hoarding. The main concept is self-acceptance.