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Ongoing classes deal with crisis related issues by breaking them down into workable parts. First we build a strong foundation by designing a wellness toolbox to fall back on during difficult times. Then we study the triggers and signs that lead to crisis. Safe and creative ways to move through actual crisis and post crisis planning are explored. Art projects and theater games are blended with interactive games and discussion to create safety and help people embrace their pain with tenderness and ease.


WRAPscrap Scrapbook

Take creative responsibility for mental health issues by designing a personal scrapbook of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (developed by Mary Ellen Copeland), using unique art and collage techniques. Transform lists of your wellness tools, triggers, internal warning signs and action plans into a fun representation that can be easily referenced when one is struggling. WRAPscrap is usually presented on a monthly basis at self-help centers throughout New Jersey.
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Emotions In Motion

Emotions written on whiteboard

These classes are designed to support participants in identifying the feelings beneath the stories that preoccupy them. Relying heavily on creative role playing, interactive games and art projects, they learn to gently embrace the more difficult emotions of MAD, SAD, FEAR and SHAME, usually finding laughter on the other side.

UR In Charge

8 Dimensions of Wellness diagram with rainbow

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness (Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Spiritual, Occupational, Environmental, Physical) are creatively explored in this ongoing workshop. One way in which they are studied is by relating them to characters from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

Healing Theater

Improvisational Theater

Improvisational theater games and script writing/ performing are the heart of these classes. Each class consists of warm up exercises and fun inviting games that offer the opportunity to explore emotional obstacles.

Guided Imagery

Hopes and dreams collage

With relaxing music in the background and the peaceful voice of the guide, take a trip in your mind to a place where you’ve never been before. We have a wide variety of guided imageries that will get you in touch with your hopes and dreams. We finish with a project that illustrates the meditation, followed by interactive discussion.